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Be kind. The world needs it and so do you.

Hello! I’m Sarrah Figueroa, a design strategist who thinks through business goals, designs meaningful customer experiences, and leads teams to deliver.

I’m happiest when taking ambiguous problem statements and guiding a team towards a usable product. I’m able to design a singular solution all while advancing a multi-product system. I love

doing this with some fun sprinkled throughout the process.

Sign me up to participate or set up design critique practices within teams, mentor and be mentored by designers/others, expand my craft, and make things accessible for all.

I work with teams to make products

I’ve been trained as an Innovation Catalyst and in the Luma Institute practices.


I use workshops to:

  1. get teams out of ambiguity and focusing on the customer problems we need to solve

  2. understand and learn from customers together

  3. come up with potential solutions and experiments we can
 ship iteratively

have fun collaborating with one another



I lead with "why" instead of a solution

Here are a few articles/videos I feel speak about leading with “why” — from how you lead to how you use data.

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Project highlights


Reimagining an internal support tool as a self-service application. 

The employee assistance model was quickly becoming unsustainable for the company and the customers. I co-led the design of a self-service system for the Medallia applications which allowed users to safely perform more than half of employee servicing tasks on their own with minimal training.



Moving a single product infrastructure company to a multi-product company.

Developers used Puppet to manage their infrastructure for years, but knowing what was on their infrastructure was still a challenge. I led the design of a new product that helped developers discover the content of their infrastructure.



Making it easier for users to observe their technology stack.

New Relic was losing over half their users in the signup to deployment

on-boarding process. The goal was to improve the on-boarding process so it took the user 5 minutes to get to joy.

New Relic

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